Stitch mosaic

Raw images can be stitched into ortho-mosaics using commercial or open source software (e.g. Pix4D, PhotoScan and OpenDroneMap).

We current only implemented Pix4D into the workflow. You have to purchase your own license from Pix4D to use this step.

Alternatively, you can skip all previous steps and the stitch mosaic in the workflow through uploading your ortho-mosaic into PhenoCopter. No web interface is implemented as the constrain of internet bandwidth. You can contact system manager to upload your own ortho-mosaic. The same folder structure has to be kept to use further workflows.

This workflow only depends on the uploading of raw images. Extract flight path and Add GCPs can be skip if you don’t need to check quality of raw images and have any GCPs.

Stitch othor-mosaic using Pix4D

The new project is generated for Pix4D using information in the workflow Extract flight path (disabled images) and Add GCPs (GCPs).

Three options in Pix4D professional version can be adjusted through web interface.

Configuring stitching parameters for Pix4D
  • image_scale: full, rapid
  • calibration_method: Standard, Alternative, GeolocationAndOrientation
  • internal_param_optimization: None, Leading, All, AllPrior

The default parameters should be enough to stitch images in most of cases. Parameters can be adjusted if you notice any problems in the ortho-mosaic.


Click the Start button in the workflow to trigger server to run stitching software. The next workflow Pyramid retile will be automatically triggered when this step is finished. The quality report from stitching software is also available.